Oct 7, 2018

Android 9.0 Pie | New Version Features Almost Perfect

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Android 9.0 Pie

  • Swipe Down

Android 9.0 Pie does bring with it some design changes although it’s not a night and day difference coming from Android 8 Oreo if you swipe down from the top you’ll notice this does look quite different from before we’ve got a white background blue icons that are enabled gray ones that aren’t all the icons are round and also color-coded to make it a little bit easier to navigate.

  • Volume Keys

Little design tweaks include if you press the volume button you’ll see the graphic pops out next to the button on the screen and I also really like that in our defaults to the media volume when you press the volume keys so you’ve no longer accidentally blare out your Spotify music or your YouTube video when you thought you’d turned it right down.

  • Recently Used Apps

everything’s a little bit more colorful and round but really the big change in terms of design and UI is with the gestures and also recently used apps

  1. Jump Into The Settings Menu

  2. Go To System

  3. Tap On Gestures

  4. Then Enable Swipe Up On Home Button

basically makes your Android phone feel more like an iPhone 10 with just one little pill shaped icon now everything can be controlled with gestures so if you tap the pill you go home if you swipe up from the bottom you bring up recently used apps which is also now in a horizontal layout rather than the traditional Android vertical layout so this looks a lot more like an iPhone and while on the home screen it’s just the pill by itself if you go into
certain apps or you swipe up to recently used apps you’ll see a little back
a button on the left pop up to well take you back.

  • Battery

Google has also made some improvements to the battery they’ve introduced a new adaptive battery mode and limits the CPU usage to apps that you don’t use as often so we should get slightly better battery life out of Android Pie devices

  • App Actions

Google’s also introduced new app actions and slices I’m sure some Google
employees have had a lot of fun calling it slices when we’re talking about Android pie but essentially slices automatically pull the important data
from apps so maybe you could see the real-time pricing from uber or lyft when you’re searching for a ride without actually going into the app.

  • Cool Tricks

Power button you can now take a Screenshot that way before you’d have to press the power and the volume down and you can also now edit that screenshot in a new screenshot editing tool just tap Edit when you screenshot and then you can mark up you can adjust it save it share it all those cool things so that’s just been a quick tour of the new features in Android pay Android Pie.

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