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Nov 25, 2018

Bananas What Color Is Best For Your Health?

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Bananas Properties – Healthy Facts

Do you like your banana green, yellow or brown? do you know which one is better for you bananas are functional delicious and have numerous health benefits not only are they rich in fibers potassium and vitamin C and A. they also give our bodies the energy they need to make it through the day have you ever noticed how bananas get sweeter the riper they get? not only that but they also become easier to digest however this doesn’t mean that green or bruised looking bananas aren’t good for you.

Bananas Properties - Healthy Facts

Green Banana’s

Most people don’t like eating green or unripe bananas when they’re less ripe they have less sugar. this can be especially good for people who suffer from diabetes not only are they low in sugar but they also contain extraordinary medicinal properties green banana’s are also great for your heart. because they help lower your bad cholesterol levels and increase your good cholesterol and finally they’re rich in resistant starches which feed the good bacteria in our intestines and help prevent problems such as

Bananas Properties - Healthy Facts

Yellow Banana’s

When they’re this ripe banana’s are at the perfect stage to eat raw or use in both sweet and savory recipes by ingesting ripe banana’s you’re ingesting fibers, carbohydrates, minerals like Copper, Zinc and Potassium and Vitamins and Antioxidants.

Bananas Properties - Healthy Facts

Bruised Banana’s

When you pick up a banana and notice that it’s bruised what do you do? pick another one or eat the bruised one although they may not look that pretty.  bruised bananas are the ones with the most antioxidants and them
prevent acid reflux and indigestion as the banana ripens its nutrient count
rises making it even better than the green and yellow banana’s.

Bananas Properties - Healthy Facts

Brown Bananas

When banana’s turn brown they can be considered rotten however they’re still great for your bones and muscles as well as keeping your stress and horror levels regulated.

Bananas Properties - Healthy Facts
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