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The human brain is about 100 billion neurons.ย Each neurons fires on average about 200 times per second And each neuron connects to about one thousand other neurons So every time neuron fire a signal, one thousand other neurons get that information, In Fact, our brain is so incredibly fast it processes around 200 million bits of information every second.

The average person produces around 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That’s enough to fill two large swimming pools.Being in love, fuzzy and exciting feeling Well, that feeling is because when we are in love, the human brain releases the neurotransmitter and hormones that are released by amphetamines This leads an increased heart rate, loss of appetite sleep and intense feelings of excitement. One square centimeter of human skin contains the following The average person consumes about 35 tons of food during his/her life. On average, our heart beats around 4,800 times per hour. That’s an instance 115,200 times per day. Over the course of a year, our heart will beat around 42,048,000 times. We, humans, are the best long distance runners on this planet. We are better than any four legged animals. In fact, thousands of years ago we had a unique way of hunting using this ability. Humans back then would simply chase their prey for miles upon miles until it would give in and collapse from exhaustion.

our eyes are the second most complex organ in our body after our brain.They are capable of taking around 10 million image colors. If they were a digital camera. They’d be around 576 megapixels. ย Depending on how old we are. It’s quite likely that we have a thriving community of eyelash molds. These tiny creatures live on old skin cells and they can’t be seen with the human eye. They are about a third of a millimeter long and they are usually harmless