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Nov 23, 2018

PewDiePie vs T Series – Who Will Win? YouTube 2018

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PewDiePie vs T-Series

PewDiePie vs T series. how do they compare? let’s start with some introductions for those of you who are not familiar with or don’t know too
many details about how these channels got going PewDiePie is a 28 year old
Swede called felix artificial Varia. while he was studying industrial economics and technology management at university of gothenburg. he started a YouTube channel.

he dropped out of uni and soon started to concentrate on graphic design and also in the background his channel no one lives for free and creating content isn’t easy when broke and it’s also
well-known that one way he earned an income when he got going was by selling hot dogs while the media reports that his parents were wealthy entrepreneurs it seems young Felix wasn’t just handed a silver spoon not only was he selling hot dogs but he also told the media his boss made him sell almost raw hot dogs as cooking them cost too much money he said his main love back then was photo shopping girls. he almost landed an
apprenticeship working with what he called the best advertising agency in
Scandinavia maybe it’s a good thing. he didn’t get it Felix’s first channel was actually named pewdie

PewDiePie vs T-Series - Who Will Win? YouTube 2018

and he registered it on December 19 2006 he forgot his password and so on April 29th 2010 he started another channel called PewDiePie we’re told that
the first video he posted that you can still watch is him playing Minecraft
there’s no face cam for this video it wasn’t until February 17th eleven that he did his first video showing his face at this point he had a whopping twenty five hundred subscribers and he had uploaded 100 videos later in the year it said he realized that just playing games wasn’t going to cut it and
he believed that his personality had to shine through he was right of course and on July 10th 2012 he hit a 1 million subscriber.

bitch lasagna

how many people watch his channel? we can extrapolate that making YouTube videos will give you a better living than writing books as we head
into a more digitally connected future maybe readers are a dying breed as for t-series we can’t really say much about controversy and content as it’s largely just music and music videos there’s no digital cult of personality like you get with the likes of PewDiePie and Logan Paul Mashable writes that there’s no comparison as T-series can push out many well produced videos
and poor old Felix is struggling to get one decent piece of content out a day
Mashable wrote in September 2018 the most viewed video uploaded by PewDiePie.(PewDiePie vs T series)

PewDiePie vs T Series - Who Will Win? YouTube 2018

the current king of YouTube sits at 83 million views the t-series channel’s most viewed video has 565 million views in fact t-series has 94 videos. that surpassed PewDiePie’s most popular video when it comes to view count soon PewDiePie will be eating the dust kicked up by t-series which is raising a head at a speed so fast Felix won’t even see t-series fly past does he care well he released the diss track the one with lasagne in the name and he does sound kind of petty in the track singing. you’re trying to dethrone me for spot number 1 but you’re India you lose so best thing you haven’t won maybe it doesn’t hurt to get thrown off the top spot it’s no masterpiece but he makes his point saying that in an interview he talked about him losing his throne I don’t really care about t-series he said I genuinely don’t I think that if YouTube does shift in a way that’s more corporate something else will take its place what do you think does he care about losing his spot. what about all the criticism. he gets for his content does he deserve it? are you a fan? are you a fan of t-series? if so what’s so good about it that gets so much attention

tell us in the comments. PewDiePie vs T series

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