Sep 4, 2018

PUBG: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

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The Bush Method

  • Still Totally Works: 

Though it’s been in PUBG PC and Xbox additions for months it was assumed that with a general drop in visual quality hiding inside a bush wouldn’t be possible in the mobile version not so the game does have three
texture modes but even on the lowest, there are plenty of opportunities to disappear entirely inside some hefty wads of foliage providing you’re already inside the zone just sit tight and wait until someone comes close for a very easy kill.

PUBG. The Bush Method. Still Totally Works: 

Unequipped Your Weapon

  • To Run Faster:

over time you’ll quickly realize that every tiny facet of what would be real-world rules actually applies to poop G aside from frying pounds deflecting bullets but we’ll get to that later one of the most useful is being able to sprint faster if you’re not carrying anything else useful for making breakneck Sprint’s between cover or needing to beat the enclosing death
cloud simply tap the weapon you’ve got equips and you’ll holster it immediately, of course, you’re more vulnerable now but simply as a way to traverse the map on foot, there’s no faster way.

Unequip Your Weapon To Run Faster: PUBG Mobile: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Remove Your Shoes

  • To Move Quieter:

In a moment of genuinely genius sound design whatever you have equipped foot wise will be reflected in the game sound effects you’ll have to leap into the customization menu to put on some boots after the default barefoot has run its course though leaving them off does have an in-game purpose stealth leave your shoes off and though it can be a little immersion breaking running around swamplands and fields without any footwear into this actually makes you move quieter perfect for getting the drop on someone inside an Eastern underground bunker or anywhere where playing the angles game is a must be sure to remove your shoes
either in the pre-match lobby or the customization window if you fancy a
different approach.

Use The Eye Icon

  • To look Around Without Moving All Revealing Your Position 

perk G Mobile has one of the most impressive control schemes in mobile gaming history there’s everything from toggling fire modes to flicking through downed opponents inventories and best of all the free look option simply hold your finger on the I on the top right and then drag to move the camera around you without your character moving an inch-perfect for surveying your surroundings when hiding lying prone or sprinting. I also totally recommend doing this when parachuting in to get an idea of where
players are going to be landing around you.

PUBG: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Use Vehicles

  • To Cover Distances Fast And As Missiles

A basic element of gameplay unlike fortnight’s you can drive vehicles wherever the hell you want in pub G vans and larger four-wheelers are best for ramming other players as is the buggy but there are also bikes that can get you to safety whilst minimizing how much space you’re taking up in an opponent’s view be aware though that hopping out of a vehicle in motion will do damage and leaping out at high speed will kill you that said if a vehicle crashes weren’t going fast enough it’ll explode into a giant mechanical ball of flames perfect for making an opening if a group of
players are hunkered down behind some cover.

PUBG: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Change Seats In A Car

  • To Avoid Fire And Heal:

When approaching any car you’ve got the option to drive immediately or just sit as a passenger and though you might think that hanging in the passenger seat is a pointless a thing to do while playing solo tapping the bottom right grid icon actually means you can wrap around the car letting you evade fire and returning some of your own also note that you can heal while in the passenger seat – and there’s nothing more inviting than a seemingly empty car just hang in the back preferably in shadow and get the drop on whoever comes your way next.

Wear Darker Clothing

  • To Stay Hidden:

Speaking of Shadows from ghillie suits to ragged t-shirts in-game cover
takes on a whole new level of utilization when it’s paired with real-world mentalities with no enemy outlines or hood knockers hiding amongst tall grass simply just works as does shadows blending in to similarly colored
parts of the environment and anything else you can think of so once you unlock a darker shirt and jeans combo use it to alter your path through the environment going from shadow to shadow it’s the nearest things up playing a class in poop G and evading some pursuers only to Surprise them
later on can be a life saver not to mention it’s funny as hell.

High Damage

  • You Can Do A High Damage Flying Punch:

Surprisingly basic punching can actually wilt down a health bar pretty quickly but you should never bring a fist to a firefight that said the game’s version of the Superman punch done by sprinting jumping and hitting attack in PUBG midair does an even bigger chunk of damage and we’ll finish off many wounded players as well as downed enemies something of a middle finger way of winning there are few things as satisfying in life as claiming your chicken dinner with the help of a flying haymaker.

Backpacks And Damage

  • Backpacks And Damage:

You can just as easily navigate to it but spend more time exploring and you’ll likely come across more clothing items and another backpack or to equip to expand your inventory backpack level one starts at 350 units
of space, with level two increasing that’s at 400 and level three following with 450 the lada is more than enough to hold a few players worth of gear so always make a point of being prepared for what’s to come items of clothing also contribute to damage reduction and while full breakdowns of each item can be found online know that the game’s array of armor vests give between 30 to 50% damage reduction immediately depending on being levels one two three.PUBG

The Bulletproof

  • Beauty Of The Frying-pan (PUBG):

The results of testers accidentally giving the frying-pan. the same physical qualities as a wall ie not being broken by gunfire pop G’s kitchenware is bulletproof as search wielding a frying pan and swinging it at just the right time means you can literally swipe bullets out of the way as they come in better still if you D equip the pant it’ll sit on your back. more

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