Oct 8, 2018

Screen Resolution| What is meant by screen resolution

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Screen Resolution

Resolution more than something you make each new year if you’re wondering what the difference between high and low resolution is or perhaps just trying to understand screen resolution. 

The explanation based on some fun props resolution for the purposes of
electronic devices are about how many elements fit within a certain space and how big each element is  the fun way to visualize it have you ever seen a pin screen in a museum there’s sometimes called Pin art or Pin sculptures made of scores of pins or posts that can show the shape and contour of your hand or face when pushed.

Screen Resolution| What is meant by screen resolution

Example Of Higher Resolution

Note that with this museum piece there are enough posts to clearly show the shape of my fingers but not much detail other pin screens use much smaller headed pins which allow more pins to fit in the same space observe how this allows more details of my hand to be represented in about the same area this is higher resolution on the contrary.

Screen Resolution| What is meant by screen resolution

Example Of Lower Resolution

A pin screen I made using nails where the heads are much larger and as a result, fewer elements can fit in the same space less detail is possible you can barely make out the shape of the hands.

Screen Resolution| What is meant by screen resolution

This is the difference between high and low-resolution is a concept that usually applies to electronic device screens projectors and crams or sensors take computer screen resolution as an example a computer screen is a fixed physical size yet the display can be set to run at different resolutions how does that work well the individual elements that make up the image on the screen are called pixels short for picture elements there is a maximum number of these elements that will fit in that screen area and those elements will be the smallest they can possibly be that would be the highest image resolution the screen can display it will have the smallest pixels but the most of them resulting in fine detail just like my pin screen but unlike a single pinscreen with pins

Screen Resolution| What is meant by screen resolution

that always the same size a computer screen can be told to make the elements the pixels larger and fewer in number, in short, it can be configured to use a lower resolution than its maximum naturally since the
overall screen area doesn’t change having a screen run at a lower resolution will mean there will probably be less detail on the image on the screen it also means that there won’t is much effective display space or real-estate on that screen because when you make the elements larger just like my nail heads fewer will fit most computer monitors can be configured to use a variety of different predetermined resolutions.

Here are typical resolutions for some popular screen sizes: 

19-inch screen standard ratio 1280 x 1024 pixels
20-inch screen standard ratio 1600 x 1200 pixels
22-inch screen widescreen 1680 x 1050 pixels
24-inch screen widescreen 1900 x 1200 pixels

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