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Ariana Grande, she’s obsessed with Halloween and horror movies when it comes to holidays Ariana grande’s favorite Halloween she also loves horror movies according to her mother when she was a kid she loved Halloween so much that

she would wear masks around the house all year long her mother was so worried about her obsession she was sure Ariana was going to grow up to be a serial killer Haryana started singing very early only on out loves hockey and she has ever since she was a child when she was eight years old one of her dreams came true she loved the Florida panthers hockey team and she asked if she could sing the national anthem that one of their games was a huge honor for someone who was that young it was also Ariana’s first time in front of such a big crowd she says that it is that experience that she will never forget she says a demon presence at skull cemetery in Kansas City this was one of the most shocking facts about Ariana Grande according to Ariana she went with a group of friends to skull cemetery in Kansas city which has a long-standing history of being haunted by demons Haryana says that she felt an overwhelming sense of danger and then she smelled sulfur since the smell is a fine of a demon’s presence she rolled up the windows before they left Ariana apologize to the demon for disrupting its peace before leaving she took a photo she says that there were three distinct phases that all looked just like textbook demons in the photo/Ariana wears a fake ponytail for a reason Arianna used to bleach and dye her hair constantly she loves to change your look as often as she possibly could but the habit that she grew to regret over time her hair started to fall out from all of those chemicals the only way to cover up the hair loss was for her to wear her signature ponytail she knew that she couldn’t go onstage and face her fans with hair missing in the back of her head that since then she has stopped putting so many chemicals in her hair and it is finally growing back her mother is very successful Ariana loves to garden and bake but it wasn’t something she got from her mother her

mother was not the housewife kind of gal she is the CEO of a company that manufactures and communications equipment for the navy and the marine this keeps your very busy therefore she doesn’t have much time to bake and garden these interest that Ariana picked up all around Ariana has given up her belief in the Roman Catholic religion Gloriana grew up in the Roman Catholic Church interface was very important to her that was until Pope Benedict made a speech he said that homosexuals and prostitutes were sinners Ariana I didn’t believe that she believed that all people were beautiful inside this caused her to lose her face and to abandon the church she still has faith but she’s not practicing Roman Catholicism anymore she says that she has faced with what is in her heart which is love kindness and most of all acceptance of others who may not be like her Ariana sleep naked when it’s time for bed Ariana doesn’t go into her drawer to find a silky nightgown or a pair of flannel pajamas she actually sleeps in the nude she said growing up she did wear pajamas that were until their grandmother encouraged her to sleep naked she says that her none’ is a very important person in her life as well as a big influence she never mentioned why her, not a told her to sleep naked however she took her advice and that’s how she’s been sleeping ever since Ariana loves to wear heels Ariana loves ordeals whether she’s wearing a dress a

skirt even jeans you will see her in high yield if you’ve ever seen her interviews on the red carpet or shopping she’s wearing heels according to her boyfriend when they’re in the house wearing sweats or something comfortable Ariana walks on her tippy toes so that she feels like she’s wearing heels she admits that she does wear sneakers from time to time especially when she’s running or working out however if heels are appropriate they will be on her feet she loves monopoly according to Ariana her favorite game is monopoly she says that even though it’s a really long game she will never get sick of she says when she does play Monopoly she is

pretty competitive like most people she strives to own boardwalk and Park Place however she’d rather have hotels all over the board than just those two properties she missed playing monopoly for several hours at a time.