Sep 1, 2018

Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

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Sunscreen Pill

Maybe we can’t speak for everyone but it may be safe to say that there is a general distaste. when it comes to the slimy feel that some sunscreens leave behind. it’s also a nuisance to have to stop lounging every so often to reapply set layer of slime. but British researchers from King’s College in London (Technology). may have stumbled upon a means of creating a sunscreen pill. while studying coral dr. Paul long along with fellow researchers believed that algae living in the coral produce a compound with a purpose not too dissimilar from sunscreen. the team is looking to biosynthetic Li develop.

the same compound to create a simple tablet or pill while current supplements promise sun protection. they’re not recommended as replacements for sunscreen. should the sunscreen pill see the light of day even the most sensitive skin type should be able to enjoy a day in the Sun without the annoyance of water-resistant screens.

Technology | Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now

Self Fitting Clothes 

Most of us marveled when Marty McFly put on that oversized jacket and it immediately shrunk to fit his form what a brilliant idea an invention that would eradicate fitting rooms and the need for different fits of clothing but for so long it seemed like a mere fantasy with time though comes ingenuity and the concept of self-adjusting clothing could be in our near future. in 2014 it was reported that researchers from Purdue University we’re working on a robotic fabric. that can compress and expand in certain scenarios the fabric is actually the first step of the university’s intent on making a robotic skin that could be used on space missions and space exploration.

Technology | Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now

Universal Translators

One of man’s greatest barriers is language and that could be very well an issue of the past as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy showed us breaking that barrier is going to be an essential part of communicating with potential extraterrestrials but prior to that it’ll definitely be a great means of uniting the world linguistically speaking back in 2014 Microsoft unveiled a new technology that would allow Skype users to communicate regardless of the language difference and while there are some kinks to work out it’s a great step towards a possible handheld device, unfortunately, the biggest hitch that comes with any current translator is that not all dialogue translates
perfectly going from one language to another then back to the original
language can cause a confusing word jumble with potentially disastrous

Technology | Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now

Mind Controlled Appliances 

The implementation of the mind-controlled technologies isn’t entirely a new concept as there are several devices on the market that allow users to control video games and certain aspects of their computers with nothing but a thought but how convenient would life be. if every aspect of our homes was mind controlled gone are the days of having to get out of bed just to run the dishwasher or start the washing machine need to shut down the oven before dinner burns don’t bother getting up just shut your oven off with a simple thought.

Technology | Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now

Portable healing Laser

You’re walking down the street when you stumble and fall your arm landing on a sharp piece of glass. what would once result in a slew of stitches in a fairly ugly scar in the past could actually be healed much
quicker with a laser in 2008 physicist Abraham Katz er was experimenting with laser bonded healing hoping to eventually permanently replace sutures in surgical bonding and healing the practice of laser healing is being looked at and implemented for a range of therapies and healings including arthritis migraines and cell regeneration but these all require in
office visits the technology is looking to be fitted for personal and portable
use meaning those nasty cuts burns and sores could eventually be on the same level as holding a pen maybe we’re not too far off from having portable devices to instantly heal external injuries. For more

Technology | Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now
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