Sep 2, 2018

Technology | Top 5 Future That’s Here Right Now 2018 – 2019

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Motor Neuroprosthetics

The science  of prosthetic limbs has become more and more lifelike over the years producing limbs that look like they’re made of flesh and blood though they may look real though to the wearer there’s something vital that’s missing and that’s the ability to consciously move the replica limb for patients that may have lost their hand in a tragic accident.

the implementation of motor neural prosthetics would allow them to regain functionality of their prosthetic fingers to perform common everyday activities such advancements in neuroprosthetics have been made as seen in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil where a spinal cord injury patient was able to perform the initial kick off. (Technology )

 Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

Permanent Artificial Organs

Artificial organs have always been a means of prolonging an individual’s life as they wait for a replacement but they were never meant to be a permanent solution current artificial organs may be able to temporarily mimic the functionality of the original organic organ but they don’t carry the sustainability needed to endure a lifetime of use enter Carm at a
The French-based company co-founded by a heart transplant specialist on lukovitch. in December of 2013 car mat presented an artificial heart (Technology ) 

that is meant to be a permanent solution the early model weighed three times that of a human heart but worked off of sophisticated sensors to work independently while both of car mats heart transplant patients died one within 72 days of the operation. the other in less than a year it’s obvious the right steps are being taken in artificial limb advancement.

 Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

ersonal Nanofactory

the introduction of 3D Printing  has put the world into a tailspin but we also may be overlooking a far more impressive technology that could be on the horizon nano-factories are thought to be a low-cost high-quality manufacturing system that from a molecular level is believed to be able
to build just about anything where 3d printing is limited by the materials
used nano-factories or molecular assemblers recreate materials and
products at the atomic level meaning.

we’ll likely be able to create anything regardless of the material through 3d printing is quick to become a household technology nano-factories are a ways off from being personal the larger question. that stems from every household owning a nano Factory is what would it eventually due to the current suppliers that provide us with products we could virtually make ourselves.

 Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

Crash Proof Cars

Proof cars it’s a well-known fact that fathers generally a greater fear of flying. The true danger comes from the ride to the airport due to the human
factor. that comes with driving it can be terrifying being on the roads today but BMW is trying to make it so there is nothing to fear a 360-degree collision avoidance system is being developed at BMWs research and innovation center a leap in innovation. that could change the way we drive and the way we feel about driving completely.

if every manufacturer is able to utilize this technology once perfected cars could be on the verge of self-driving and insurance companies could be facing a very grim future already there are sensors on many vehicles that alert unsafe distances to other objects, so we’re already on our way, however, this technology may already be obsolete as many companies such as Google and even regular citizens have created self-driving car concepts that may become an everyday reality within the next 10 years.

 Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now 2018,2019

Avatars (DARPA)

James Cameron’s an explosive theatrical film of blue aliens may not have been too far off from a possible future in 2012 the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency released details on a program that would allow soldiers to fight without being put in harm’s way this avatar would be humanoid bipedal robots rather than a race of extraterrestrials but the
concept is pretty similar.

in 2011 a life like bipedal robot pet man was showcased by Boston Dynamics. who had designed the robot for the US Department of Defense pet man wasn’t designed for combat but rather was meant to test chemical protection clothing for the army the robot showed off a range of motion similar to a normal human movement. which is vital to the Avatar program it makes you wonder how far off are we from creating entire armies of robots.  More

 Technology | Top 5 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now
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