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Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones 2017

The Samsung Galaxy s8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 plus now these are the two phones I am most excited about going into 2017 Samsung is always on top of their game introducing new technologies especially when Apple doesn’t choose to release them Apple holds on to them for years and years and years but Samsung is like here take it all take it all now we’re going to give you all of it so for this year the Samsung Galaxy S H is going to be getting even bigger the displays increasing in size but bezels are shrinking the war on bezels is going strong and Samsung is winning that one and I’m so happy for it and although we won’t be receiving 4k resolution on this phone there will be other improvements such as the p3 color gamut on the display also a new RGB pixel structure which means you’ll get more vivid and brighter colors on that display Samsung always manages to get me excited now a new week actually shows that the display will be curved and the edges just like the mean mix so that’s a very exciting change it will be one of the sexiest phones in 2017.

paper the Samsung Galaxy s8 will be amazing it will have so much improved technology but the real showstopper is going to be the iPhone 8 a lot of people going to pay attention to this one just because it will be such a radical change in design from what we’re used to we’ve had three years of the same looking basic design the iPhone 8 is going to improve upon that with a new change 2d design so glass front and back inspired by the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s with major improvements to the display the flagship iPhone 8 model was set to receive organic LED display that means a lot brighter more vivid colors not only that allows for a more efficient phone and it can allow for a thinner design as well now the Apple needs to go thinner they just could if they would want to also a wraparound curved display iPhone had a major redesign we’ve been looking at the same basic design for three years so no home button and improved display all glass design but one of the most monumental changes will come with wireless charging, not your regular typical wireless charging but walk into a room and your phone starts charging almost immediately

how crazy would that be also rumored is an IP 68 water resistance rating so it’ll match the galaxy s7 now at five feet for thirty minutes cannot wait for this one Apple could even advertise it as a swim proof device like the Apple watch – that’s not the only Apple product that’s going to be released later this year also the iPhone 7s so although the iPhone 8 will be the larger flagship model Apple will want to introduce two cheaper models as well for everyone that doesn’t want to go all-out now these will be an LCD equipped iPhone 7 upgrade basically the S means speed so it’ll be a much faster version of the iPhone 7 but mostly internal changes although it is said to receive a stainless steel chassis it’ll be the same overall design it’s unlikely that this model will have wireless charging but it will basically be a simple upgrade for people that don’t want an organic led curved edge iPhone it’ll be a more sensible phone for daily users and over the optimists out there this one will not have a headphone jack once Apple has made a decision like that they’re not going back it’ll keep the home button just like the iPhone 7 most of the changes again will be in the speed department so expect some major improvements there possibly be a 10x chip from the iPads although it’s likely it could share the same chip with the x1 8 just keep most of the same design and believe it or not the same thing Galaxy Note name will live on so Samsung is not giving up on that brand just yet rising from the ashes of the Galaxy Note 7 like a phoenix, the Galaxy Note 8 will do much better and improve upon where the notes haven’t failed so the very first thing obviously is the battery issue this time around Samsung is going to be using LG’s batteries, as they haven’t had any issues with those and this, could actually be Samsung’s first smartphone with a 4k display Samsung usually likes to introduce the more complicated advanced tech with the note series and this year we could be seeing the very same thing also the new s-pen –

with a built-in speaker possibly to produce some kind of noise or like mimicking an actual pen possibly and as always this is Samsung’s powerhouse so they want to make sure it is powered properly this time they will be using the Snapdragon 835 processor eggs and also in certain markets of course in six to eight gigabytes of RAM no businessman has time for lag and man LG does not like to give up so the g5 this was a smartphone that didn’t do particularly too well it was that modular phone they can actually swap out the bottom four and introduce new features now it was a great concept why would this phone fail and not sell very well the only problem was with a phone like this where the whole marketing scheme is that you can add modules to the phone if you don’t introduce new modules and only keep – I think there was like a speaker one and a camera one nobody will buy this phone based on that gimmick otherwise it was a pretty mediocre Android phone I didn’t even open mine until just now that’s like half a year because I just wasn’t excited form with the g6 LG is looking to fix that and stop thinking outside the box basically think like every other smartphone manufacturer we’re going to be seeing a huge trend in front and back made of glass and that’s exactly what the LG is going to do this leaked concept is what it’s going to look like very similar to the g5 just with a more glass design wireless charging Snapdragon 835 is included and  Google pixel

one was a fantastic phone at its core it was one of the best Android phones ever it was just lacking some hardware features that even the iPhone has such as ip67 water resistance at the minimum the camera was fantastic that was a big plus to Google later this year the Google pixel 2 is said to be shipping with a dual-camera sensor as that is superior it’s going to have ip68 water resistance, as well as the first one, didn’t and an all-glass designed to allow for wireless charging and very possible a qHD display

so although the Google pixel one was great these areas that Google pixel is going to improve on and make for a much better and stock Android phone the Snapdragon 835 five and six gigabytes of RAM is rumored so concepts that have leaked or renders have shown a glass back design that would allow for wireless charging and a tougher look for any borders actually, do kind of like it so that’s the Google pixel – and that brings me to the next one + phone I mean it should be called the one plus four right the old one was 1 + 3 + 3 T but no it actually might be called the 1 plus 5 as in Chinese culture number four is considered unlucky and this is a phone with its main audience being at China but I got to say one plus as a company is fantastic they make sure you can get the best possible experience they have really fast software updates and the hardware is always top notch for a very reasonable price and which other smartphone manufacturers do you know of that releases an update halfway through its cycle just to make the CPU faster as they did with a 3t this one is rumored to have the Snapdragon 835 any massive 3,500 milliamp battery and of course the next generation

charge that’ll allow you to get so much charge just within 15 minutes over 50% this is the phone that competes in the mid-tier price range but it’s a bargain these phones can usually put high-end models to shame and this could finally be the year the future arrives so with foldable smartphones late this year the same thing is set to release its smartphone that can fold in half to serve a dual purpose both a tablet and a smartphone they’ve been developing this for four years and this could finally be a year we could see it in our hands now the run will be limited to 100,000 units as it’s more of a concept testing the waters seeing how people react to a phone like this, of course, the tech is only possible with the inorganic LED panel and I’m so excited to see this because this could start a revolution in smartphones and the HTC 11 who here even remembers what this company is they used to make good phones back in a day but now not so much their sales aren’t doing very well but they’re hoping to turn that around this year with the HTC 11, they’re returning to their roots with a dual lens camera setup just like on the iPhone 7 plus but they have this even earlier on their HTC 8 so they’re hoping to improve the camera the design itself could have a wireless charging compatible back with a glass design and in general they will be evolved a design that they had before this is a leaked concept of the HTC eleven Nokia look who’s back they finally decided to pull their head out of Microsoft ass and release a real Android phone

it’s no wonder this thing sold out within minutes when it went on sale in Chinese markets now this is a budget phone it’s about two hundred and fifty dollars but for the price, it’s quite amazing what they managed to stuff inside of it a Snapdragon 830 chip that’s octa-core and it’s even better than this Snapdragon 820 one it also does have an adrenal 505 GPU so it’s pretty well SPECT also durability is still on a table like the older 3310 it has a Gorilla Glass 2.5 D screen which is very durable but at the same time very aesthetically pleasing it’s already out in China but it will hit the US market and within a few weeks so that’s an Okie s6 active for this one and the very last one is the xiaomi me series so whether it’s the mix 2 or the xiaomi me 6 this brand is actually ahead of its time no the ones for copying Apple

they’re out doing them now they’re using ceramics and materials boned conducting ear pieces for recalls and even laser technology and B cameras it’s amazing how far ahead of the game they are it’s just not implemented totally well with the software I wish they would introduce a better skin or just a stock Android ROM with it otherwise, I’m very excited for what this phone company has to bring I mean look at this thing it’s a slice of the future the borders no bezels is just stunning we cannot wait to see what they bring out next and that’s just a quick preview of the smartphones we have to look forward to I’m really liking the trends I’m seeing water resistance wireless charging larger displays fewer bezels and a huge increase