My title Top 5 Games You Never Heard Of | Imttoo

Anti-Aircraft (1957) :

This is one of the most games that people haven’t played, reason is simple at that not all the people had computers.
In this game planes fly overhead, single (if you are playing alone) and pairs (if you are playing in multiplayer) in random direction.
The goal in this game is to shoot down more planes than your opponent. Both players have control to anti-aircraft machine located at the surface of the game.
A players gun is controlled by three buttons located in each player’s control station.
The enimies in the game are known as “monsters” or “ghosts” which try to eat you, if you get eaten by one of them! GAME OVER! .

Pacman (1980) :

Most of the people have played this game but at current time , not at the time in which it was developed.The most interesting thing about this game is that it was first released in Japan by Toru Iwatani in May 1980.
This game is single player, the player controls pac-man through a maze, eating dots called “PAC-DOTS” when all the dots are eaten in the maze,The pacman is transferred to the next level.Sure as the level increase, difficulty also increases.

Leisure Suit Larry (1987) :

Leisure Suit Larry is a graphic adventure game originally released in 1987. Despite the lack of advertising, this game was a sleeping hit .
So, the game begins outside in a bar. Players are given seven real-time hours to complete the game, at the point on which the Larry commits suicide the game ends.
Larry’s interaction with the women are explained by detailed image of whoever he speaks with.

Xenon (1989) :

This game was officially released in 1989 and was played by many time. Xenon game is a vertically scrolling shooting game. The game has a generic sci-fi theme and no plot,The players of Xenon must rely heavily on power-ups, which may be gained by shooting power containers.
Power ups of different sorts can be bought there.Accumulating power-ups rewards the player with more heavy-duty firepower.
At the later levels, getting the credit bubbles becomes easier.If the player stays long enough, making slight movements backwards , he can get enourmous amount of health.

Day of tentacle (1993) :

So the Day of tentacle was released on 1993.This game was released on floppy disk and CD-ROM.Critics focused cartoon-style visuals and comedic elements. This game follows the point and click method with two-dimensional adventure game formula, players direct the controllable characters round the game world by clicking with computer mouse.The players after completing certain puzzles can then freely switch between these characters.The whole originak Maniac Mansion game can be played on a computer resembelling a commodore 64 inside the day of the tentacle game.