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Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik’s cube and he can actually do pretty fast he can do it in less than two minutes as a kid with so much talent he can also skateboard really well-played basketball, in fact, was in the NBA all star celebrity game and he was voted MVP of the game.

his mom used to upload videos of Justin Bieber playing these instruments and she would upload it on Youtube. Justin Bieber was a YouTuber and this is one of the reasons that he became famous his youtube channel back there was kid rule he still uses his channel. today he uploads know behind-the-scenes videos or just messages to his believers the channel has over 2.9 million subscribers and he also has amazing vocals.

he famously helps to Justin beaver he launched his career although he initially turned it down washers producer showed off sure these videos of Justin Bieber singing and they said gotta fly this kid here so the officer did Justin Bieber got to meet face-to-face in a recording studio. usher watched his song to him no matter no more that’s my buddy because you can have it all that was going Kenny would the very just walked is still on his original channel kid rule and that was back in March 2008 after listening to him Justin Bieber was flown back and he told producers that he isn’t actually interested but then he had a change of heart and said let’s fly him back let’s fly his family back and let’s work with some and that’s when they came together to make their first mega-hit called somebody to love

smith is actually his mentor they usually talk on the phone once a week and through this just beaver became great friends with Will Smith’s son Jaden and they went out to produce a song together and this was years ago back 2010 and the song was called never say never and there are scenes from the karate kid in the music video the song now has over 650 million views Justin Bieber’s Youtube account has more than 27+ million subscribers.

he helped build a school and Guatemala.Justin is this like bad kid but ย he actually has a softer size and any works a lot the uploaded a video back 2013 called Guatemala video confession giving is the best he talked about his experience and how we never realized that there are people in the world that actually live like this you know these kids have no food they have the water they have the education but they never complain and it just be went on to say it’s just so annoying a brutal hi everyone complains about all these things and have people over there that live like this and they’re so happy so Justin Bieber built the school fees and made him happy but then he realized that building a school helped a lot of people and he actually seems very sincere.

he’s the youngest artist to have six number-one albums in u.s. his latest album purpose reach number one already and a lot of the singles that he has on it is blowing up on YouTube earning him hundreds of millions of views and with his new album this is a turning point in beavers career a lot of people are actually getting the Bieber fever and they’re starting to embrace them a little bit .he is producing great music it’s all over the radio maybe sometimes to overplayed but now there’s a lot of people becoming believers and their supporting it so this is an amazing accomplishment but this album was the first one like two years so imagine captain producing music

Justin Bieber he taught himself how to play the drums the guitar the drop it in the PM when it comes to music he is very talented he learned all of this at a very young age and once you learn how to do it he picked up his guitar went out on the streets and he actually put his hat down and try to earn some money. Justin Bieber was recently on the tonight show starring jimmy Fallon challenging upper fashional drum player and he actually held his own

Justin Bieber has Guinness world records and he holds a few Guinness world records right now for the billboard top 100 Justin Bieber became the youngest male artist to debut at number one on the billboard hot 100 with what do you mean which is the first single off his new album and Justin Bieber just broke one of the Beatles most impressive records he now has a record-breaking 17 songs listed in the top 100 right now the record before that by the Beatles was 14 and actually drank just tied them as well at 14 that hotline bling song at him like putting toppings on a pizza

Justin Bieber’s is one the most followed on social media he’s a second most followed person on twitter with over 92 million followers

Justin beaver has many criminal records he had several run-ins with the law around the world and he was charged in Brazil with vandalizing in 2013 and Brazil doesn’t want him back, in fact, they say if he goes there he’s gonna get arrested one of the neighbors accused of throwing eggs at their house and this is on January 9, 2014 he caused damages in the thousands on gender 2013-2014 Bieber was arrested in Miami beach on suspicion of driving under the influence driving with over six months expired license and resisting arrest please say that fever told authorities he had consumed alcohol smokes marijuana and taking prescription drugs.