Nov 9, 2018

WiFi How it works? Most Hilarious WiFi Names 2019

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Have you ever wondered how WiFi works?

WiFi is the technology that helps you access the internet on your handheld device it does it over-the-air or wireless I Triple E or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers defines. the Wi-Fi standard under the family of gates due to networking specifications.

802.15 Bluetooth 
802.11 WiFi network
2.3 Ethernet 
 WiFi How it works? Most Hilarious WiFi Names 2019

there are many substandard as well which defines the frequency band bandwidth and the backward compatibility like ABG and ACand so on Wi-Fi network is built with the help of several hardware components like wireless access points or router send-user devices like mobile phone stablest laptops etc which are equipped with WiFi adapter on the other hand.

 WiFi How it works? Most Hilarious WiFi Names 2019

the wireless router is connected to the internet wireless physical connection that is the fiber cable or with analog line which uses a telephone and modem which is then connected to the wireless router modem or modulator and demodulate is needed for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog signal conversion the Wi-Fi router then connects to the end devices wire radio waves the establish an end-to-end internet connection here the wireless router receives the data from the internet translates it into the radio signals and send it over the wireless network to the connected devices. the same process also happens in Reverse with the astounding increase in the internet traffic.

 WiFi How it works? Most Hilarious WiFi Names 2019

we have seen an amazing growth in the bandwidth and speed available to the end user from 1995 till. the end of 2015 the Internet users have, grown from 16 million to more than 3000 million. now that’s a serious growth

Most Hilarious WiFi Names 2019

My Own Damn Internet
Get Your Own Damn Internet
Pretty Fly For A Wifi
Two Girls One Router 
Does God Know U Steal Internet?
It Hurts when IP
Caitlin Stop Using Our Internet
Tell My WiFi Love Her
Internet Costs $
Your Dog Shits In My Yard
Not Free So Use 3G
Bring Beer And Women to
Don’t Even Try it 
I’m Under Your bed
Will U Marry Me?
No Free WiFi For You 
Your Grammar Is More Annoying
Get Your Own Net Bro
Password Is **************
Protected Cex

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